Best Phantom Skins in Valorant for 2023

Phantom Skins, VALORANT’s Phantom is a popular choice among players during buy-rounds, and it’s priced at 2900 in-game credits. While the rifle can take out enemies with a single headshot at close range. It only deals 140 damage at medium to long range.

Despite this, the Phantom is a versatile weapon with a 30-round magazine, making it ideal for spraying. Additionally, it doesn’t produce bullet tracers, making it effective for shooting through smokes.

In VALORANT, skins are purely cosmetic and don’t offer any actual gameplay advantages over the default skin. Unlike games like CS:GO, where skins only change the color of the same weapon. VALORANT’s skins modify the appearance of the weapon drastically.

Some skins even include special visual and graphic effects, and one skin can transform the weapon into a dragon. The developers at Riot have gone above and beyond with the skins in VALORANT.

Phantom Skins in Valorant

Riot has released 49 distinct varieties of Phantom skins in VALORANT as part of weapon bundles. Also battle passes since the game’s debut. We eliminated battle pass skins from our top list. Including them in the tier list because they are only available during their particular act. These cannot be bought afterwards in the shop.

Battle pass skins are occasionally fantastic, but they aren’t generally better than skins from highlighted bundles, therefore their deletion will have little effect on our top 15.

1. Oni Phantom

The Oni Phantom is a skin in Valorant that has been around for a while, but it remains a fan favorite. The design of the skin incorporates a horned, demon-like ogre from Japanese folklore, which adds to its appeal. The skin also includes various upgrades that make it even more interesting.

For example, its finisher upgrade is particularly unique, as it summons swords from the sky to ensnare your opponent while cherry blossoms float through the air.

The Oni Collection is a bundle that includes several upgrades for the Oni Phantom skin, including base, VFX, animation, finisher, and variants. The skin is available in yellow, green, and gold variants, and its original cost was 1,775 VP.

Phantom Skins

2. Singularity Phantom

The Singularity Phantom is a highly sought-after weapon skin in Valorant that is only available for a specific weapon class. It is considered one of the best skins for the Phantom rifle in the game, primarily because of its finisher effect, which transforms the game atmosphere into a black hole.

Players can purchase this skin from the in-game store for 2,175 Valorant Points, but additional upgrades can be acquired for an extra cost of 15 Radianite Points. The Singularity Phantom is part of the Singularity Collection, which was introduced on October 13th, 2020.

The Singularity Collection bundle includes several upgrades for the Singularity Phantom skin, such as base, VFX, animation, finisher, and variants. The skin is available in base, blue, red, and purple variants, and it was originally priced at 2,175 VP.

Phantom Skins

3. Ion Phantom

The Ion Phantom skin in Valorant is designed to have a futuristic look and feel to it. This skin is inspired by cinematic concepts and is one of the most eye-catching skins in the game. The Ion Phantom skin bundle features a clean, white plastic exterior, high-end glass, a blue glowing orb, and laser sounds that give it a classic far-future sci-fi aesthetic.

The Ion Phantom skin is part of The Ion Collection, which was released on November 11, 2020. The skin bundle includes several upgrades, such as base, VFX, animation, and finisher, but it only has one variant. The original cost of this skin is 1775 VP.

Phantom Skins

4. Ruination Phantom

The Ruination skin series in Valorant is a result of a partnership between Riot and their popular game, League of Legends. The Ruination Phantom skin is designed with an ancient theme of the Ruined King, and features a smoky aura effect.

Additionally, this skin offers several beautiful color variants. The Ruination Phantom is an exclusive edition skin and can only be purchased through the in-game store for a price of 2175 VP.

The skin includes VFX, GFX, and a finisher upgrade.

Phantom Skins

5. Prime Phantom

The Prime Collection in Valorant initially introduced a fantastic Vandal skin that gained a lot of popularity due to its impressive shooting sound and kill effect.

As a result, the community requested a similar skin for the Phantom rifle. In response to the community’s request, Riot Games released a new bundle known as Prime 2.0 that included the Prime Phantom skin.

The Prime 2.0 Collection was launched on March 2nd, 2021, and includes several upgrades for the Prime Phantom skin, including base, VFX, animation, finisher, and variants.

This skin is available in orange, cyan, and red variants, and its original cost is 1,775 VP.

Phantom Skins

To Wrap it all Up

The Phantom is a versatile weapon in VALORANT with a 30-round magazine and no bullet tracers, making it useful for spraying and shooting through smokes.

Skins are purely cosmetic and don’t affect gameplay, but VALORANT’s skins modify the appearance of the weapon drastically. The Oni Phantom, Singularity Phantom, Ion Phantom, Ruination Phantom, and Prime Phantom are among the top 5 skins for the Phantom rifle in VALORANT.

These skins offer unique designs, finisher effects, and color variants that players can purchase from the in-game store with VP or Radianite Points. The Singularity and Ruination Phantom skins are exclusive edition skins, while others are available in bundles with upgrades.

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