CSGO Anime Stickers | Collector’s Guide 2023

Anime has become very popular with everyone, not just geeks, in recent decades. Let’s use CSGO as an example. Anime has become popular and influenced mainstream culture because it tells exciting stories, has interesting characters, and has great music. Some famous examples are Pokémon, Dragon Ball Z, Steins;Gate, and Code Geass. Keep reading to learn more about CSGO Anime Stickers.

Good news There are a lot of anime-themed weapon designs and stickers that you can use in CS:GO. To use them, just buy them from the Steam Community Market or other websites that sell them online.

It is easy to understand why people like anime decals. Although they may look funny, they have a strong military vibe that makes them great for wearing or collecting weapons. However, it may be difficult to find anime stickers in the game CS:GO because there are many different types of stickers.

CSGO Anime Stickers Compilation

Starting off this beautiful collection of Anime Stickers in CSGO, with the most anticipated and loved stickers from our beloved CSGO Anime Community.


Cheongsam is currently a little more than a dollar, but it has remained fairly stable in recent months. The figure in the sticker wears a Cheongsam, which is a traditional Chinese garment. Normally, the Cheongsam is tailored to the wearer, but this is not the case for the figure in the sticker, whose garment scarcely covers her thighs. The figure has golden irises and blond bovine horns with bun covers as a hairdo. She is clutching her pink AK-47, according to the writing on the heart on the sticker.

Water Gun

Water Gun is more human-like in scale than the other anime decals in CSGO, which frequently use the chibi art style. The character on this sticker appears more refined than the figures on the previous stickers on our list. She is wearing white cat-ear headphones and an orange hat. The character’s massive water gun appears to have inspired the moniker.

The water cannon appears to be a powerful weapon, but its ammo is kept in a harmless-looking water cask. Because of the incongruity of the water cannon, it’s one of our favourite CS: GO decals.

Kawaii T and Kawaii CT

Valve, in celebration of its upcoming anniversary, launched an open community event named the “CSGO10 Sticker Contest” in March. Thousands of artists have submitted sticker ideas on various subjects, but none have been as popular as the two anime-inspired stickers called “CT Chan” and “T Chan.”

CSGO Anime Stickers

“T Chan” depicts a female anime character holding a knife in each hand and a star in the center, representing the attacking side in CS: GO. This sticker is now available in the game as “Kawaii T” and has a holographic version that has a glittery effect on the knives and star. The sticker also has a fun message, “How could you… Scratching me?” which is revealed when scratched.

“CT Chan” features another anime-style female character with raised arms and wings, representing the defending side in CS: GO. The sticker has a holographic version that enhances the wings with a rainbow shimmer. When scratched, the sticker reveals an alternative angle of the female character along with the question, “Why are you scratching me?”


Noodles is undoubtedly one of the most underappreciated Anime decals in CS:GO, and it costs only 15 cents. It was added to the game as part of the Perfect World Sticker Capsule 1, which also included the Cheongsam and Water Gun decals.

CSGO Anime Stickers

The Noodles sticker features a Chibi T model resting in a dish of – you got it – noodles, accompanied by his faithful AK-47. At the foot of the sticker, the words ‘EAT ME’ are inscribed.

Kawaii Killer T & Kawaii Killer CT

The follow-up to the original Kawaii Killer is called Kawaii Killer Terrorist. The new sticker portrays a terrorist player from Counter-Strike: Global Offensive wearing typical terrorist clothing, which sets them apart from professional military or police forces.

CSGO Anime Stickers

The character is wearing cargo pants, a top, and a bandana around her neck. She has blue hair and dark blue eyes and is holding a weapon that resembles an AK-47, while making the peace sign with her other hand. In comparison, the original Kawaii Killer sticker, which has inspired many imitations, features an anime girl with orange hair, blue eyes, and a purple outfit that matches the default CT outfit.

This sticker also holds a rifle in one hand and makes the peace sign with the other. It’s considered one of the best CSGO anime stickers and can be purchased for just over $1.

CSGO Anime Stickers

If you’re a collector, you shouldn’t miss out on adding this amazing sticker to your collection. This collection depicts a special operations soldier and fits perfectly with the game’s theme.

To Wrap it all Up

This essay examines how anime culture became popular and how it has influenced popular culture. This shows how much people like the anime designs on CS:GO’s weapons. This has details about a few of the most liked anime stickers. You can buy it on the Steam Community Market and other places too. The thing has five stickers that represent anime. Each sticker has a short description of its design, meaning, and price. Some examples are Cheongsam, Water Gun, Kawaii T and Kawaii CT, Noodles, and Kawaii Killer T & Kawaii Killer CT. In simple words: The article says that people who collect stickers should keep them in their collections.

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