Phil Hill in Starfield – Complete Guide

Starfield, the expansive space role-playing game developed by Bethesda Game Studios, offers players a universe filled with intriguing characters, celestial bodies, and captivating stories. One such character that has caught the attention of many players is Phil Hill. This guide delves deep into the world of Starfield to provide a comprehensive overview of Phil Hill and how players can interact with him.

Who is Phil Hill in Starfield?

Phil Hill is one of the many NPCs players can encounter during their exploration of the Settled Systems in Starfield. Unlike many characters who are affiliated with specific factions, Phil Hill stands out as an independent entity. His primary interest lies in helping settlers find new, habitable planets. To achieve this, he is keen on collecting survey data.

Where to Find Phil Hill in Starfield?

Phil Hill can be located in the Broken Spear, a notable establishment on the planet Mars, specifically in the city of Cydonia. When players visit the Broken Spear, they will find Phil Hill seated at a table surrounded by books. Engaging in a conversation with him will reveal more about his mission and set players on a path to assist him.

Phil Hill’s Quest – Top of the L.I.S.T.

Upon initiating a conversation with Phil Hill, players activate the “Top of the L.I.S.T.” mission. The mission involves several objectives:

  1. Identify a Potential L.I.S.T. Recruit: Players need to eavesdrop on various patrons in the Broken Spear bar. One of them dreams of a better life and is seated near Phil. Engaging in a conversation with this individual will fulfill the ‘sign up settler for the list’ requirement.
  2. Survey a Habitable Planet: Before selling any survey data to Phil, players must first survey a habitable planet.

How to Sell Phil Hill Starfield Survey Data?

Phil Hill’s primary interest is in survey data that can help settlers identify habitable planets. To sell him this data, players need to:

  1. Obtain Survey Data for Qualifying Planets: Players should venture into space and scan planets across various systems. Using the Astrophysics skill can expedite this process. Phil is specifically interested in Planetary Data scans for planets and moons with O2 atmospheres and signs of life. Notably, planets like Tirna II and Leviathan IV meet these criteria. Players should ensure they explore a planet 100% to generate comprehensive survey data.
  2. Sell the Data: Once a suitable survey is conducted, players can sell the data to Phil. He offers a generous compensation for this data. For instance, the Tirna II survey data can fetch players 3366 credits. Additionally, players earn 200 XP for their first sale, making it a lucrative endeavor.

Phil Hill’s Significance in the Starfield Community

Phil Hill’s recurring appearances have sparked curiosity among the Starfield community. Some players have noted his frequent presence in various bars across the universe, leading to speculations about his role in the game. Is he a recurring easter egg, akin to Nurse Joy in the Pokémon series, or is there a deeper lore surrounding him? Interestingly, Phil Hill’s character is voiced by Brian David Gilbert, adding another layer of intrigue to his presence in the game.


Phil Hill in Starfield is a testament to the depth and richness of the Starfield universe. Whether you’re assisting him in his quest to find habitable planets or merely intrigued by his character, Phil Hill offers players a unique and rewarding experience. As you navigate the vastness of space, remember to visit the Broken Spear on Mars and embark on a journey with Phil Hill that promises both adventure and discovery.

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