Top 5 Most Disliked Characters in Genshin Impact

The game Genshin Impact looks really good and has a lot of cool characters. Each person in the game has a fascinating story, a complex personality, and a special way of being. Some players might feel both love and hate towards certain characters. It is hard to determine which characters in Genshin Impact are the most disliked, but some seem to be disliked more than others. In this article, we will discuss some of the characters in Genshin Impact that many people don’t enjoy.

Disliked Characters In Genshin Impact

These are the following disliked characters in Genshin Impact of all time.


Amber is always lively and full of life, and she is the finest Outrider of the Knights of Favonius, despite the fact that she is the only one. In an earlier part of the essay, it was said that there are no characters that are despised by everyone. That is not the case. No matter how the players customize her appearance, Amber will always have the status of being one of the least useful characters in Genshin Impact. Amber is the first character the player recruits in the game, and she provides assistance with the resolution of various challenges immediately away. She is also easily replaceable by almost any other Pyro character the player obtains in a short amount of time.


Paimon is gregarious and outgoing, yet he has a tendency to be blunt and may often be seen as impolite. She makes it quite plain who she supports, both in terms of who she loves and who she does not like. For instance, she makes it abundantly clear that she does not like Venti by referring to him as a “tone-deaf bard.” She is unapologetic for her opinions and is quite straightforward about expressing them. It would seem that Paimon is the kind of figure that people either adore or despise. Those that have a hatred for her do so with fervent zeal. Paimon has a propensity of shouting, talking excessively, and cutting off other people when they are in the middle of a conversation. But, she is just too adorable for her own good!

The Traveler


A traveler from another planet was forced to go on a mission to discover The Seven since their lone relative had been kidnapped from them and taken away. It’s hard to become attached to the main character since they’re so unremarkable, especially when compared to all of the flashy new Genshin Impact characters that players may obtain by doing well in the game or by wishing for them. While it cannot be denied that the character has depth, a significant portion of that complexity is only revealed via their interactions with Paimon.


A thinker who serves in the Knights of Favonius and has a look that may be described as unusual. When players first come into contact with Kaeya, he gives off the impression of being a rather interesting individual. He exudes a sense of composure and intelligence, plus he wears a great eyepatch to boot. As soon as he hands you his first mission, you will start to despise him. Since it turns out that the quest was just a pretext to get you to do his work for him. He is such a jerk. The more you learn about Kaeya, the more likable he will become to you. Nonetheless, this first big encounter will leave many Genshin Impact players with a sour taste in their mouths.



An upright and good-natured explorer from Mondstadt who, for some inexplicable reason, has the worst of luck. There is no way around the fact that Bennett is an outstanding example of a Genshin Impact character. He is capable of dealing a significant amount of Pyro damage while simultaneously healing and boosting his allies. The extent of which depends on how low their health bar currently is. Several gamers find his extremely upbeat attitude and joyful voice lines to be over the top and a little too much to bear. And he is also incredibly obnoxious. Even yet, the vast majority of parties still include him within their overall membership. There are certain things that are important enough to endure.

Wrap Up

In Genshin Impact, there are five characters that a lot of people don’t like. These characters are Bennett, Kaeya, Amber, the traveler, and Paimon. Many people have said that the two characters in the story are not very deep or interesting. The conversation and story didn’t move forward in an exciting or important way. These five people have been said to be not exciting or not interesting as a person. Because of this, many people who used to support them now dislike them. Even if you don’t like these people, in the end. It’s important to remember that everyone’s point of view matters and they all have a significant part to play in the whole game.

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