Itali GTO GTA 5: Ferrari of Los Santos

The Itali GTO is a fancy car for racing and traveling that came out in Grand Theft Auto Online. It was added to the game on December 26, 2018, as part of a special event called Festive Surprise 2018. Grotti makes it in the HD Universe. The GTA 5 Grotti Itali GTO car is designed to look like a real Ferrari 812 Superfast car in the game.

Itali GTO Design Features

The Itali GTO returns to Grand Theft Auto Online as a Grotti car, this time based on the Ferrari 812 Superfast. The front bumper is from the Mansory Stallone 812, while the rear bumper and diffuser are from the Vorsteiner bodykit for the Ferrari 458. The hood appears to be modelled by the one seen on the Aston Martin Zagato. The headlights appear to be a cross between those found on the Corvette C7 and the Ferrari F12.

Itali GTO Front End Features

The front of the car is notable for its carbon fibre splitter. Two huge intakes in the center, and two smaller ones on the borders. As well as a logo showing the car’s name on the bottom left. Its headlights are made up of two circular lamps and LED-like light stripes that extend upwards, as well as what appear to be turning signals on the plastic housings. The hood has two intakes, and the front end has the manufacturer’s emblem.

Itali GTO Rear End Features

At the back of the car, there are small vents facing the rear on the fenders, as well as an open space in the trunk area and a stripe made of carbon fiber on the roof. The circular taillights are contained within plastic casings, with the outer rings functioning as position lights, the middle ones as reverse lights, and the inner lights serving as turn and brake lights. A carbon-fiber element connects the lights, and corresponding badges are located beneath it. 

Itali GTO GTA 5

The rear bumper is mostly gray. With a panel that holds the license plate and a carbon-fiber diffuser at the bottom. As well as a large housing for the exhausts. The underside of the bumper is primarily made of carbon fiber, leaving the rear axle and part of the exhaust pipes exposed. The car has its own “Itali White” interior, which is similar to the “Nero White” interior but includes colorable interior stitching and a slightly shorter top part of the dashboard, with the center section being closer to the middle air conditioning units.

Itali GTO Side Stripes

The doors of the car feature a distinct concave structure that extends towards the finish and is accompanied by a fin located near the front wheels. Below the doors, one can observe another concave structure followed by carbon-fibre skirts. Carbon fibre is also used for the upper portion of the rear-view mirror shells. The rear quarter windows are surrounded by wide plastic trimmings.

Itali GTO Color Scheme

The bodywork and interior stitching are painted in a primary color. While the front intake separations, lower concave portions, lower half of the rear-view mirror shells, engine cam covers, middle section of the roof, and exhaust housing are painted in a secondary colour. The dashboard, steering wheel, gear stick, doors and seats. As well as a portion of the trunk, may all be coloured. The standard wheels are similar to the “Split Ten” rims. Available from Los Santos Customs, but in white and already equipped with custom tyres, as demonstrated by the “ATOMIC” and “ENDO 32RR” designations.

Itali GTO GTA 5

Itali GTO Performance

The Itali GTO has excellent acceleration, max speed, and braking, making it an excellent escape vehicle. However, in terms of collisions, its resilience is at best brittle.

Prior to the upgrade, The Diamond Casino & Resort’s handling was exceedingly jerky at high speeds. It can hold most of its speed in a gentle turn. But turning forcefully led it to oversteer quite readily, due in part to its rear-biased AWD motor and in part to the car’s sophisticated handling signals. Another caused the automobile to become very sensitive – and unsteady – over bumps. All of this made driving the automobile exceedingly difficult, especially in instances where the player had to weave through traffic.

Itali GTO Engine Specifications

The Itali GTO is powered by a V-shaped engine that drives all four wheels via a 6-speed transmission. The engine model, while not particular in terms of configuration, is based on the V12 engine found in the Ferrari 812.


Legendary Motorsport is selling the Itali GTO in GTA Online at $1,965,000 USD.

The Itali GTO can be kept as a personal vehicle in any of your properties/garages. Los Santos Customs can personalise it. You can also alter it in one of your owned homes’ Vehicle Workshop.

After acquiring the Itali GTO, you can arrange delivery from the Mechanic.

To Wrap it all Up

The Itali GTO is a fancy and fast car that was added to the game Grand Theft Auto Online in the Arena War update. Grotti made it after getting ideas from the real Ferrari 812 Superfast. The car looks unique and is made up of parts from different vehicles. These car models are the Mansory Stallone 812, Vorsteiner bodykit for the Ferrari 458, and Aston Martin Zagato. The car is an excellent choice for getting away quickly because it can accelerate, go really fast, and stop very well. Legendary Motorsport is offering the Itali GTO car for sale at a price of $1,965,000 US dollars. You can customize your things at Los Santos Customs or in your own garage at home.

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