Antstream Arcade brings 1,300 retro games to Xbox

Introducing Antstream Arcade, an exclusive cloud-based subscription service designed for retro gaming enthusiasts. It is now accessible natively on Xbox consoles, offering an extensive library of approximately 1,300 classic games, including beloved titles like Mortal Kombat, Pac-Man, Asteroids, Earthworm Jim, Double Dragon, and the iconic Super Star Wars.

The primary objective of Antstream Arcade is to preserve and safeguard classic games, ensuring they do not fade into obscurity. All the games featured in the collection are officially licensed, and permission has been granted by the rights holders, making the emulation-based preservation entirely legitimate.

Antstream Arcade has not only upheld its preservation mission but has also adapted to the modern gaming landscape. It now embraces contemporary “retro” releases from talented indie developers and fosters a vibrant community by organizing engaging retro game challenges.

In a remarkable twist, Xbox has become a surprising ally in this endeavor, officially endorsing Antstream Arcade and bringing this long-standing service to their gaming consoles. This collaboration has been made possible with the support of Microsoft’s Startups Founders Hub and their cutting-edge Azure cloud services, expanding the reach of Antstream Arcade to a wider audience.

Sarah Bond, Microsoft’s CVP of game creator experience and ecosystem, expressed enthusiasm in a press release, acknowledging the sentimental value these classic games hold for many players. She emphasized the joy of being able to stream these nostalgic titles on Xbox consoles and share those cherished experiences with friends and family.

This partnership empowers Antstream to continue its vital mission of preserving gaming history and ensuring that treasured titles are not lost over time. The team is dedicated to curating an ever-growing catalog, celebrating gaming’s legacy and honoring the visionary creators behind these timeless masterpieces.

Now, gamers can delight in the world of Antstream Arcade directly from their Xbox consoles. Subscription options cater to all preferences, offering a one-year plan at USD $29.99 and an unbeatable lifetime subscription priced at USD $79.99.

Embrace the magic of classic gaming with Antstream Arcade, where the past meets the present, and the spirit of retro gaming lives on for generations to come. Happy gaming!

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