Top DXRacer Gaming Chairs for 2023

DXRacer is renowned for pioneering the gaming chair industry through its highly successful DXRacer Formula series. This line ingeniously combined insights from crafting racing car seats with office chair design. Over time, DXRacer has narrowed its attention to offering users three top-tier gaming chairs. While the Craft, Master, and Drifting series share several attributes, the ultimate distinction of being the finest belongs to just one among them.

DXRacer Gaming Chairs

DXRacer Craft Series Gaming Chair

The DXRacer we recommend is a reliable option for marathon gaming sessions. The Craft line combines supportive seating with a variety of fabric options, allowing players more freedom to personalize their environment than is possible with standard office furniture. The DXRacer Craft Pro gaming chair is outfitted with high-density memory foam for the headrest cushion and the brand’s signature 4D adjustable armrests for maximum comfort. It has a zero-gravity design and hidden lumbar support.

The self-adjusting lumbar support is essentially a knockoff of Secretlab’s lattice lumbar support, but with slightly less remarkable materials (i.e., non-woven support), therefore the chair’s ergonomics are fairly comparable to those of Secretlab’s designs. The Craft series also uses 4D armrests, chair tilting at up to 135 degrees, and contoured sides to assist maintain shoulders aligned with the back, all of which contribute to the series’ improved adjustability. In addition, a footrest is available as an extra amenity, and the chair may rock back and forth at a pleasant 15 degrees. Depending on the player’s leg length, the footrest may cause painful pressure points if used improperly, so keep that in mind if you’re a taller player.

DXRacer has named a chair from the Craft series as the “most comfortable gaming chair on the market,” and it’s simple to understand why. The Craft is essentially a superior version of the high-end racing car seats that gaming chair behemoth DXRacer is renowned for, with a longer and thicker 5-layer seat cushion and an optional armrest.

DXRacer Drifting Series Gaming Chair

Those in the market for a new PC chair will find the DXRacer Drifting series to be an excellent compromise. The Drifting chair may only come in one color and has a basic design, but it more than makes up for its lack of flair with its high level of durability.

The Drifting gaming chair features DXRacer’s top ergonomic innovations wherever possible. Support is maintained even after months of usage thanks to the cold-cured foam, and spinal alignment is maintained with the aid of the cooling memory foam in the headrest pillow.

The side wings that add some ergonomic support also operate against bigger body types, so there is a trade-off for the low price. The rest of the chair, however, is quite adaptable. The player may alter the chair’s height, lean back as far as 135 degrees, move the armrests in three dimensions, and rock the chair back and forth. The high quality of the materials used ensures that the chair’s adjustable sections will not wear out as quickly, therefore prolonging its useful life without increasing its price.

DXRacer’s Drifting series gaming seats aren’t the greatest on the market, but for the price, they offer a lot of bang for your buck. If you’re a gamer on a tight budget but still want a high-quality seat, you could be happy with a Drifting series chair.

DXRacer Master Gaming Chair

With premium microfiber leather, excellent adjustable lumbar support (though the knob could use some work to make it feel less visible), and a completely modular design, the DXRacer Master justifiably serves as DXRacer’s crowning achievement. It’s a masterclass in gaming seats, and if other companies want to compete with DXRacer, the racing seat maker turned gaming chair brand, they need to take note.

The Master primarily targets the business sector, which has its drawbacks. Because of this, while the design is high-quality and would fit in almost any setting, it may not be as “exciting” for a product aimed at the gaming sector, where darker hues tend to be the norm. Unlike the Craft/Craft Pro series, none of the five colors currently shown on DXRacer’s site appear to be of a lighter shade or to have modifications that would allow for more graphics on the upholstery itself. When all of the optional extras are taken into account, the total price tag quickly adds up.

Have you already settled on a gaming chair, or are you still considering your options? Regardless, you can benefit from our analysis of the top chairs of 2023 by reading it now. A gaming chair is an investment that will serve you well for many years to come, so it’s important to think carefully about your choice. It’s only right to weigh your choices thoroughly before making a purchase.


In summary, DXRacer gaming chairs offer not just an exceptional gaming experience, but also a superb way to ensure comfort during gaming sessions. With a diverse range of styles and features, there’s undoubtedly a chair to meet the needs of any gamer. Undeniably, these chairs stand out as some of the best gaming seats in 2023, thanks to the multitude of fantastic features they offer.

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