Why Bleach Hell Arc Can Be The Best Arc in The Series

Tite Kubo’s highly anticipated Bleach Hell arc is a captivating addition to his acclaimed series, Bleach. This particular story arc revolves around the journey of Ichigo Kurosaki, a teenage protagonist who, in his courageous attempt to rescue Rukia, another soul reaper, from the clutches of the malevolent Hollow spirit, undergoes a transformation into a soul reaper himself.

As the narrative unfolds, Ichigo grapples with his newfound Shinigami abilities, seeking to comprehend their depths while simultaneously confronting a multitude of threats and challenges inherent to his role as a soul reaper. Throughout the series, Ichigo embarks on gripping adventures alongside his loyal friends and allies, traversing diverse realms such as the human world, Soul Society, and Hueco Mundo.

Yet, amidst these explored realms, one domain remains largely uncharted within the series: Hell. This enigmatic realm presents an intriguing and unexplored facet of the Bleach universe, generating immense anticipation among fans as they eagerly await the exploration of this uncharted territory.

Will Bleach Hell arc outshine the other storylines

The realm known as Hell, or the Underworld, serves as the destination for souls who have committed wicked deeds during their human existence. It is established that a soul reaper’s Zanpakuto possesses the power to purify souls, but this ability is limited to the sins they committed as Hollows. When it comes to the evil deeds carried out by a soul during their human life, they are instead condemned to Hell rather than being sent to the Soul Society.

The series briefly showcases Hell in the fourth Bleach movie, titled “Bleach: Hell Verse.” In this movie, Ichigo ventures into the underworld to rescue his sister, who has been captured by one of the sinners from Hell. However, the movie primarily focuses on Ichigo, his friends, the enemies who abducted his sister, and the introduction of the Jigoku no Gaki (Beasts of Hell), massive Hollows unique to Hell.


Despite the movie’s release, fans have been eagerly awaiting a comprehensive story arc that delves deeper into the realm of Hell. Their anticipation heightened when Tite Kubo published a one-shot titled “No Breathes From Hell,” which features the surviving characters twelve years after the conclusion of the Thousand Year Blood War arc, the final arc of the original manga series. The one-shot concludes with a cliffhanger, teasing the potential continuation of the series.

The release of the Bleach Hell arc has the potential to become the series’ most captivating arc yet, as it could explore the origins and history of Hell. This exploration may introduce new characters and storylines. Moreover, Tite Kubo is expected to take his time with this story arc to ensure the series does not face the decline it experienced in 2012 when it was canceled due to low sales and ratings.

Gotei 13 captains in Bleach Hell Arc

Moreover, the Bleach Hell arc holds the potential to reintroduce characters from the past who have been consigned to Hell, including Gotei 13 captains like Genryusai Shigekuni Yamamoto, Retsu Unohana, or Jushiro Ukitake. This arc may also introduce new characters who are either trapped in Hell or born within its confines, as well as deities or spirits who govern the inner workings of the underworld.

Significantly, the Bleach Hell arc could offer valuable insights into the growth and development of Ichigo, his friends, and his family over the years. It could raise the stakes and present them with challenges that surpass their current comprehension. Additionally, the arc may explore how Ichigo grapples with his identity as a human, a soul reaper, and a Quincy.


In the early stages of the series, Bleach faced criticism and a decline in popularity due to pacing and storytelling issues, leading to its discontinuation. Consequently, the Bleach Hell arc has the potential to provide fans with a long-awaited and satisfying conclusion, addressing their lingering anticipation over the years.

However, it remains uncertain when the Bleach Hell arc will be continued, as Tite Kubo is currently occupied with other projects. Kubo has also stated that he will only contemplate the arc when not explicitly instructed to do so, rather than under external pressure. Nevertheless, fans can be reassured that Kubo will eventually return to the Bleach Hell arc and deliver a proper ending that pays tribute to the series’ legacy.

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