How to Play as Omen in Valorant – Complete Guide

Many people in Valorant like Omen because he is known for causing a lot of damage to the opposing teams. He has ways to control others by cleverly changing where they are and tricking them. Omen can do special things like making short smoky screens, which make it hard for enemies to see, and quickly moving to nearby locations. This guide will teach you everything about playing Omen in Valorant, starting from the basics.

His strongest skill is known as From the Shadows. It allows him to quickly go to any location on the map. This means that he is good at both attacking and defending, which makes him important for the team. Omen is valuable for a team because he has great tools. He can disrupt the other team’s plan and assist his teammates in gaining an upper hand.

Omen’s Abilities

Omen in Valorant has abilities that are similar to Reaper in Overwatch, providing him with exceptional mobility options. Additionally, he offers his team a range of potent abilities that hinder his enemies’ vision and movement. Omen’s skills enable him to flank the enemy and deny their movements, making him a valuable asset in any team composition.

Shrouded Step

This ability costs 100 creds in game, and can be used twice in one round. Omen’s Shrouded Step ability offers excellent mobility, granting access to higher positions and creating new paths for unexpected assaults. This makes him one of the swiftest Agents for map roaming.


Omen has a move that permits him to teleport to a designated location, offering him the chance to evade danger, reach new cover, or take higher ground. The primary function of Shadow Step is to allow Omen to access seemingly unreachable locations, particularly high ground.

However, using the ability in open areas poses a risk since it requires a casting time, leaving Omen exposed. To avoid any danger, Omen should take cover before using Shrouded Step to prevent any potential conflicts or, more importantly, death.


This ability costs 250 creds in game, and can be used once in a round. Paranoia is an ability that causes temporary blindness to anyone it passes through, resulting in them seeing stars. It can be utilized in narrow and tight spots, such as Haven’s B-Box entrance, to provide Omen with safety from potential skirmishes and enable him to launch the first attack.


It enables Omen to launch a shadow ball attack that penetrates walls and cover. When it strikes an opponent, it impairs their vision, rendering them nearly blind as though they were in the middle of a Smoke-ball. This feature grants Omen the ability to restrict the enemy’s vision, making it harder for them to observe him and his squad moving towards or away from a specific area.

As Paranoia can penetrate walls, it’s advisable to estimate where it will land on the minimap before using it. The minimap displays the ability’s trajectory as a single line, allowing for more accurate placement. It’s worth noting that even if Paranoia is cast upwards, it will travel in a straight line and won’t be affected by gravity.

Dark Cover

Omen can purchase up to two smokes in one round for 100 creds each. Smokes can be recharged automatically during the round. Dark Cover is the most important ability of Omen, as it helps Omen to control the map, block out enemies and above all, to block out information, these can be crucial.


In both Omen’s Dark Cover and Brimstone’s Sky Smoke, a shadowy figure fires a cloud of black smoke that will fall at his designated location. Like his Paranoia ability, Dark Cover has the power to pass through walls. Omen’s capacity to deploy Dark Cover is consequently almost infinite. During a battle, this move is incredibly versatile and enables the character to offer some strong visual cover. Dark Cover can offer some sneaky synergy with Omen’s toolkit when combined with Omen’s other skills. Be mindful though, Dark Cover fires from the same plane as where you are located. So, before firing the cloud, you must be standing on high ground if you want to position it there.


Omen can throw a smoke grenade in a straight line towards a target location to create a sphere of darkness upon arrival. The smoke grenade’s long-range capabilities make it unique, as it can be thrown over great distances. Like Paranoia, Dark Cover can also pass through walls, and Omen can review all of his abilities on the minimap before casting. However, caution must be taken when using Dark Cover in the open, as it may make Omen a target.

From the Shadows

This Omen’s ability, also known as the Ultimate, is charged by 7 points. The shadowy character has the power to teleport anywhere on the map thanks to Omen’s Ultimate, from the Shadows. Omen will emerge as a shadowy version when he teleports, and if someone shoots that figure, his teleportation will be halted. During a match, Omen can use this ability to move to a superior location, attack, flank, or flee. It is now one of the best Ultimates in the game and fits in his arsenal flawlessly, which allows him to teleport across the map, providing a significant advantage in the game. Simply consult the map, select the destination and teleport away. However, it is important to note that using his ultimate ability, From the Shadows, will reveal Omen’s location to all players, including the enemy team. This is to prevent it from becoming too overpowered.

You must inform your team that you will be using the ultimate, as its activation will blacken out all players’ minimaps, including your opponents. To differentiate between ally and enemy Omen, listen for his ultimate voice lines. An enemy Omen will say “Scatter!” while an ally Omen will say “I am everywhere!”

To provide cover upon landing, Omen can cast Dark Cover in advance of using his ultimate.

Wrapping it Up

Omen is a really strong and flexible character in VALORANT. He has cool abilities that let him move and give commands easily. He is very skillful at the game, so he can easily surprise his opponents and go to hard-to-reach places that others find challenging.

His skills give him an advantage in any group because they block the enemy’s ability to see and move. Understanding and being skilled at using Omen’s abilities can be very influential in a battle, but it takes careful thought and skill to do so effectively. Omen is a great option for VALORANT players who like to strategically position themselves and play tactically.

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