Players Facing FPS Drop in Warzone 2 After Patch Note Update

Many Warzone players have been expressing their concerns about a noticeable decrease in frames per second (FPS) and encountering stuttering problems after the latest game update. One Reddit user, using the username Existing-Lab-6896, expressed their frustration regarding this issue. They mentioned that their powerful PC setup, which includes a 4070ti graphics card, an I9 13900F processor, and 32GB of RAM, was previously more than capable of delivering smooth gameplay before the update. However, ever since the update was implemented, their gaming experience has been significantly compromised. This article will delve into the topic of FPS drop in Warzone 2 following recent updates.

Performance Issues Plague Warzone Players After Latest Update

Following the recent Patch Note Warzone 2 update, a considerable number of players have been encountering issues such as low frames per second (FPS) and juddering. One user even reported a substantial decline of 120 FPS. While a few players speculate that the problem might be associated with GPU drivers, others firmly believe that the update itself is solely responsible. Interestingly, players with various PC setups, including those with high-end configurations, have all reported similar problems.

Players Voice Their Frustration Over Warzone 2 FPS Drop After Update

Reddit user mcchickun described the shared experiences of their acquaintances, highlighting the widespread nature of the issues. They specifically noted a substantial decrease in frames per second (FPS), with an average decline of 120 FPS following the update. Another user, Conscious_Current_72, expressed their own frustration and detailed their attempts at resolving the problem, including a fresh reinstallation of the game and updating GPU drivers, all of which have proven ineffective so far. They also speculated that the observed drop in GPU usage during gameplay might indicate a potential problem with GPU drivers.

Players Point to the Update as the Source of Issues

Mcchickun responded to Conscious_Current_72’s comment by dismissing the notion that updating GPU drivers or reinstalling the game would rectify the problem. They firmly held the belief that the root cause resided within the recent update itself, emphasizing that a resolution could only be achieved through another update provided by the game developers. This viewpoint resonates with numerous players who have encountered Warzone 2 FPS drops and juddering problems.

Diverse PC Setups Experience the Issue

Diverse PC setups have all encountered comparable problems, indicating that the issue is not exclusive to specific hardware configurations. For instance, Raketxd, which possesses a Ryzen 5 2400g, RTX 2060, and 16 GB RAM, experienced a notable decline in FPS following the update. Likewise, canazei300 observed a drop in FPS from 140 to 60 while playing at 4k resolution on their high-end setup featuring a 3090 GPU.


Why is Warzone 2.0 so laggy?

The potential culprit behind the issue could be outdated GPU drivers or excessively high graphics settings. Addressing driver-related issues is crucial for maximizing PC and peripheral performance.

How to get more FPS in Warzone 2?

Achieve an instant FPS boost in Warzone 2 by adjusting the graphics settings. While the game offers an auto-detecting performance mode, manually modifying the settings allows for optimal configurations and maximized FPS output.

Summing It Up!

Gamers of Warzone 2 eagerly await a fix for the issue of FPS drop and juddering brought on by the most recent update. The community is visibly frustrated as gamers voice their displeasure and impatiently await a prompt response from the game designers. Players will have to put up with a subpar gaming experience while the problem is being addressed and fixed, which will take some time.

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